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We specialize in creating daring productions that feature an audience member as the star of the show.

We are an ensemble of some of Canada’s top improv and theatre talent, lead by Canadian Comedy Award winner, Rebecca Northan.

“spontaneous theatre” also describes our genre of theatre, combining rigorous narrative structure with the thrill of improvisation, our productions not only have audiences leaning forward in their seats, but also encourage repeat viewings, as no two shows are ever the same.

Corporate Workshops & Comedy Shows

Learning through laughter:

Our award-winning Spontaneous Theatre artists have a long history of delivering corporate workshops and performances.
We have 25+ years of experience providing:
– one-on-one coaching
– team building, creativity & communication, and body language workshops incorporating your company’s values & messaging
– bespoke comedy shows to make your next training session, retreat, or event both engaging and – all zeroing in on key concepts and essential skills for improving leadership, communication, teamwork, and sales.

Our facilitators will work with you to design a customized curriculum that is participatory, captivating, and above all FUN!

Workshops can be as simple as a series of exercises done at round tables, in small groups, or as involved as on-your-feet games played in breakout sessions – all zeroing in on key concepts and essential skills for improving leadership, communication, teamwork, and sales.
Why not round out a day of training with a themed comedy improv performance that allows your team to kick-back, relax, and laugh while offering suggestions to shape the performance in real-time. Our Spontaneous Theatre artists are Canadian Comedy Award winners, Second City alumni, and TEDx Talk presenters. Oh – and they’re hilarious!
Please contact us for more details & we would be happy to provide you with a quote.


After successfully mastering Shakespeare with SOLD OUT runs of Macbeth at the Shakespeare Company in Calgary, Bard on the Beach in Vancouver, and the Stratford Festival, Wug, Kragva and Moog gleefully descend on the High Performance Rodeo with a rendition of Sophocles’ Oedipus that is sure to send you scream-laughing all the way to your therapist.

In a narrative determined to delve deeper into the Dionysian degeneracy of the human race, three Goblins dissect the dithyrambic to offer up a cautionary tale of patricide, incest, and eye-gouging comedy.

Amid a deadly plague that brings the city to its knees, the citizens of Thebes beg their leader Oedipus to find a cure. Upon receiving word from the Oracle at Delphi, which warns that the only remedy is to uncover and punish the murderer of the previous king, Oedipus vows to ferret out the assassin and see Justice served. What follows is a journey of ironic self-discovery that proves there is no out-running Fate, no arguing with the Gods, and that marriage is the birthplace of tragedy.

A Spontaneous Theatre Production created by Rebecca Northan and Bruce Horak.


An online spin-off of our hit-show, Blind Date, MIMI: LIVE! sees everyone’s favourite saucy, French Clown at home, having a drink with an ever-growing list of ‘famous actors’. Will Mimi date her way to the top of the Hollywood ladder before lockdown gets lifted? Eavesdrop on conversations that are fun, flirty, intimate, and surprising. Discover another side of the actors you thought you knew.

MIMI: LIVE! can be found on our Spontaneous Theatre Canada YouTube channel

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